With the current housing market, buying a house these days in hard — but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a good place for your family to call home. Here at Cannon Homes Inc., we don’t believe buying a home should be inaccessible or that you should have to settle.

Because of this, we offer modular homes to clients throughout Marion, Salem, Mount Vernon, and Southern Illinois in general. Modular homes can fit your budget and lifestyle while still being just as beautiful and personalized as you would like.

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss four tips for living in a modular home with your family. If you’re in Marion and are interested in modular homes, then contact our home builders today. Here at Cannon Homes Inc., we’re here for your questions about modular home floor plans, modular home designs, and more.

Get The Right Size

If you’re moving into a modular home with three kids, a dog, and a turtle, then a two-bedroom option may not be the right one for you! From the very start, you should look at modular home floor plans and analyze what the right size will be for you. By doing so, you can ensure that you and your family are comfortable, have the space you need, and actually enjoy your manufactured home. As home builders, we want you to enjoy your home — and that starts with choosing the right size.


Choose A Good Location

When you’re moving into a modular home with your kids, it’s the same as moving anywhere else with your kids — you want a safe, fun area where they can explore. Just as you would do when shopping for a house, you need to find a location that meets your criteria. For example, what school district would you be in? Would you feel comfortable letting your kids play outside unsupervised? Are the neighbors friendly? These are all important questions to ask when choosing a location for your new modular home.

Teach Lessons About Money

Manufactured and modular homes make home ownership a possibility when it might not otherwise be. This can be a valuable, opportune time to teach your children about fiscal responsibility and the value of a dollar. They don’t need to look at your modular home as a bump in the road until you can buy a “real house” — use it as a lesson for budgeting, living within your means, and saving up money for travel or other fun expenses.

Emphasize Organization

Even if you do get the right size modular home for your needs, you’ll most likely have a little less space with a manufactured home than you would with a traditional home (there’s typically no basement, after all). This could be a good time to clean out your house and donate or sell those items you and your children simply don’t use anymore. Whatever is left over should be able to find a place in the modular home! Simply emphasize and teach organization so there is plenty of room for everyone’s things and so that everyone is comfortable.

Work With Us For Modular Homes In Marion

Here at Cannon Homes Inc., we are proud to be the modular home sales leader in Southern Illinois. Indeed, we are an exclusive Redman Homes builder specializing in both modular and manufactured homes.

We have a strong reputation as high-quality modular home builders, and we’d love to serve you and work with you as you and your family find a modular home that fits your needs. Browse our homes and our floor plans to see if we are a match for your lifestyle and expectations. Contact us today to get started on your own modular home in Marion!