As we age, it only makes sense to eventually downsize. Though you certainly want enough room in your house for when kids, grandkids, or family come to visit, you really don’t need that space year-round. That’s where a modular home can come into the picture.

Modular homes are more affordable and manageable than traditional homes. While they’re often smaller than other homes, they’re certainly not too small for you in your retirement years — and they’re bigger than you may think.

Here at Cannon Homes Inc., we feature modular homes that suit the needs of any homeowner. We’re also experts in custom options if you can’t find a modular home floor plan that meets your needs and expectations. Read below for tips on downsizing to a modular home, and then contact Cannon Homes Inc. today to get started with building or finding your own! We serve clients throughout southern Illinois, including Salem, Marion, and Mount Vernon.

Take Inventory, Declutter & Organize

First things first: it’s time to get rid of stuff. Have a yard sale or donate all those things that you simply aren’t using anymore. Here are some tips for doing so:

  • Take inventory: You can’t get rid of anything if you don’t know what you have. Sort everything into piles to keep, throw out, donate, or sell. Think about what items bring you joy or picture that item in your new modular home.
  • Minimize duplicate items: Do you have several copies of the same movie? Three different sets of measuring cups? While taking inventory, look at what you have multiple sets or copies of — and if you actually need those duplicates.
  • Take advantage of storage: Whether it’s finding a modular home with storage or investing in a storage unit for these little-used items, storage will be your best friend while in the downsizing process.

Keep The Memories

We may have just recommended getting rid of items when you downsize to a modular home — but that doesn’t mean getting rid of precious memories. Whether it’s a piece that was handed down to you by your great grandmother or it’s your kids’ creations from elementary school, these items are more important than their face value may present them to be. Consider gifting them to other family members or simply find a modular home that will allow you to easily keep them.

Downsize — Don’t Downgrade

To be clear, we’re advising you on how to downsize; moving into a modular home, in our opinion, should never be a downgrade. It’s important for you to like where you live and for you to feel comfortable in your home. Here at Cannon Homes Inc., we offer modular homes that are just as beautiful, well-designed, and durable as you would hope. Check out some of our modular home designs to see what we mean.

Check The Space

Last but not least, it’s vital for you to find the right amount of space. Sure, you may be wanting to downsize, but a one-bedroom modular home may not be enough for when your kids and grandkids want to visit. In addition to this, take some measurements! There’s nothing worse than heading into moving day with a couch that won’t work with the dimensions of your living room.

Find A Modular Home You Love In Marion

Here in Marion — and throughout southern Illinois — you can depend on Cannon Homes Inc. for modular homes. We are an exclusive Redman Homes builder and we offer both modular and manufactured homes to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about modular home building in Marion.